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Hydroflex launch PurMop BLACK ICT C3 Isolator Cleaning Tool

By Admin - September 3rd 2022

The next generation of isolator cleaning tools has arrived. Introducing the next product in the high-performance line from Hydroflex - the ICT C3 .

The effective cleaning of isolators, workbenches and similar hard-to-access areas in a cleanroom has been a challenge for the longest time. With many existing products and common isolator cleaning tools, it was either not possible to reach the affected surfaces easily and safely. There has been a residual risk for the user, especially as most systems require hand contact when attaching and detaching the mop. The new ICT generation from the PurMop BLACK® Performance Line offers a clever solution for this problem. GMP-compliant, touchless handling for more safety and maximum user comfort – discover the future of isolator cleaning.

The all-new PurMop BLACK® ICT C3 is the next generation of isolator cleaning tools. Made from high-tech materials such as carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), it features a newly designed mop frame, allowing touchless mop pick-up and disposal. This eliminates cross-contamination and risks to the user. In combination with light weight and well thought-out functionality, this results in a unique user experience. Thanks to its optimized design, C3 facilitates the reach of even hard-to-clean areas effortlessly. This is made possible by the high variability of adjustment options. Depending on the application, the frame can be either fixed or free-swiveling. For extra versatility, the telescopic handle can be effortlessly adjusted to suit the task on hand. All these functions allow C3 to be effortlessly adapted to almost any situation in compact cleaning environments.

  • Light weight thanks to carbon (CFRP)
  • Mop attachment and discarding without hand contact
  • Adjustable mop frame and telescopic handle


Application: isolators / workbenches / hard-to-access areas
Compatible with: PurMop BLACK® ID9-S
Industrial sectors: Pharma / Medical / Pharmacy / Laboratory / Mechanics

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