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Cleanroom Gloves

MMRC stocks cleanroom compatible gloves in sterile and non-sterile format and both Nitrile and Latex material.

Wearing gloves in a cleanroom must simultaneously achieve multiple goals:

* Protect operators from risks (chemical, microbiological etc.)
* Protect the product and environment from contamination
* Provide comfort and useability for operators

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Isofield Gloves
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Cleanroom Goggles

MMRC offer protective goggles in both single-use and reusable versions in sterile and non sterile format.  The goggles have been designed specifically for cleanroom use in accordance with current Annex1 for contamination control.

The goggles provide a high wearer comfort thanks to soft frame material and ventilation holes and a special anti-fog coating prevent fogging of the lenses. Furthermore, the goggles are certified in compliance with international standards, for optimal user safety.

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PurGuard SV900 AF
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PurGuard EV101
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Isoclave_50110 GOGGLE
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MMRC supply a range of sterile and non-sterile face masks for use in critical environments.

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Peta230_Non Sterile
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Zetta230_Non Sterile
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Atto_Sterile with visor
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The recent updates to Annex 1 of the EU GMP specifically provides guidelines about cleanroom socks:

  1. No Outdoor Clothing: Annex 1 fundamentally states that no outdoor clothing, except for personal underwear, should be brought into changing rooms leading directly to Grade B and Grade C cleanrooms. This means that facility suits and socks should be worn before entering these cleanroom areas1.
  2. Risk of Contamination: Facility suits and socks must not present a risk of contamination to the gowning area or processes. Ensuring that cleanroom garments meet these requirements is crucial for maintaining compliance with Annex 1

MMRC stock a range of single use socks suitable for Grade B and C cleanrooms and work with you to ensure compliance with Annex 1.

COA – Cleanroom Socks 70620L-XL
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COA – Cleanroom Socks 70620S-M
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Cleanroom Garments

When it comes to cleanroom Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), ensuring the highest level of contamination control is crucial. Let’s explore some essential cleanroom garments and accessories:

  1. Coveralls and Bunny Suits: These full-body suits provide comprehensive coverage, protecting both your body and street clothes. They are commonly used in cleanrooms to minimize particle shedding and maintain a sterile environment1.
  2. Boot Covers: These protective covers shield your footwear, preventing contaminants from being tracked into the cleanroom.
  3. Protective Sleeves and Hoods: Sleeves cover your arms, and hoods protect your head and hair. Both are essential for maintaining cleanliness.
  4. Footwear and Overshoes: Cleanroom-specific shoes or shoe covers are essential to prevent floor contamination.

Remember that 80% of cleanroom contamination arises from employees, so proper PPE is vital for maintaining a pristine environment.

ISOFIELD Steridon Catalogue
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ISOFIELD Steridon with Mask Datasheet
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ISOFIELD Alpha & Beta Datasheet
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