High Containment Transfer

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High Containment Transfer

Ezi-Flow CSV

The cornerstone of the Ezi-Dock™ High Containment solution is the Ezi-Flow™ CSV High Containment Transfer System. Available in campaign-use and single-use formats and 4 and 6-inch full bore connections.

The Ezi-Flow CSV breaks the mould, providing superb levels of containment at a greatly reduced cost.

The Ezi-Flow CSV provides:

•    High Containment Performance OEB 5 / <1µg/m3
•    Fast, Full-Bore Discharge
•    Liquid Tight, Low Maintenance
•    Single-Use Chargebag & Passive Connection
•    4-5 times cheaper than “Old Style” Split Butterfly Valve alternatives
•    Fast, Trouble-Free Supply

Ezi Flow CSV4 All Plastic Flyer
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Ezi-Flow CSV

Process Bottles - Powder

Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical industry users who prefer to use traditional bottles and rigid process packaging will be impressed by the improvements which have been incorporated into the New Ezi-Dock™ Pharma Process Bottle Range, which make it the cheapest and most efficient available.

Ezi-Dock™ Pharma Process Bottles are manufactured from USP Class VI approved HDPE (with an FDA approved anti-static additive) and our design has been optimised for transport, the unique SQUARE design producing a valuable space saving of between 40-45%.

Ezi-Dock™ Pharma Process Bottles feature a standard 6 inch Tri-Clamp neck design that will then adapt (using an injection moulded adaptor) to pharma-industry standard sanitary 4 inch Tri-Clamps.


Stainless Steel Bottles
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Ezi-Flow Chargebags

High Quality 2-Ply, Single Use Pharma Chargebags

Some users of traditional rigid process containers have found them to be expensive to clean and manage, and potentially inefficient when discharging their contents. The high performance of the patented Ezi-Dock docking ring system has helped to reinvent this specialised market, however, and  our Single-Use Pharma Chargebag now provides a flexible and highly effective alternative, offering significant cost and performance benefits over blow or rota-moulded rigid bottles.

  • Compliant LDPE with Permanent Anti-Static Additive
  • 2 Ply Body Construction
  • 2/4/6/inch Tri-Clamp Ferrule – BS4825-3
  • Individual Bag Label Showing Batch and Bag Number
  • Available Gamma Sterilised
  • Lower Transport & Storage Costs
  • HDPE Blanking Caps available
  • Handling Aids available
  • Comprehensive Range of Gaskets and Clamps available
  • Individually Sleeved and Packed 25 per Carton
Ezi-Dock Flexible Charge bags
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Ezi-Strap Liner Tie System
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Ezi-Process Overview
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