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Quick Connects

Bio Quick Connects (PR)

Make media transfer quick and safe with CPC open-format quick connectors. They allow connections between single-use bag systems, tube sets and stainless process equipment. Offering connection reversibility and outstanding ergonomics, the CPC quick connectors make assembly or disassembly of biopharma systems simple and fast.

MPC-MPX-Sanitary-Adaptor Fittings
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MPC_MPX Series
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Liquid Cooling of Electronics (PR)

CPC’s purpose-built Everis™ liquid cooling quick disconnect couplings — also known as QDs or QCs — are robust and reliable. They’re a critical component in cooling loops for thermal management of hot electronics, capable of meeting your industry’s and application’s reliability and efficiency requirements.

When fluids are in close proximity to electronic systems, reliable performance and connection assurance is required. All of CPC’s liquid cooling quick disconnects are built with those quality needs in mind, from the Everis LQ8 to the Everis PLQ2.

General Purpose Quick Connects

For general air and fluid handling applications, design engineers around the world choose CPC couplings because they’re easy to use and get the job done. These general-purpose quick disconnects feature a variety of terminations, configurations, sizes and materials for applications in a diverse set of products, machinery, devices and processes.

Reliable, high-performance quick release couplings and other fluid management solutions backed by years of experience.

  • Non-Spill – reduce spillage to near zero when couplings are disconnected
  • Valved / Non-Valved Designs
  • Multiline – Connect 2,6 or even 10 separate flow paths with one coupling
  • RFID – Leverage RFID technology to transfer fluid and exchange critical information
  • Electrofluidic – Single connection that integrates power, signal, air or fluids
  • Drum Dispensing – Safe dispensing of cirictal chemicals or foods from drums

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