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Precision Fluidics

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Precision Fluidics

Electronic Pressure Controller

Clippard CORDIS Pressure Controller:
Precise, linear digital pressure control within a closed-loop system with ultra high resolution and repeatability.

The Cordis is a revolutionary microcontroller primed for escape velocity from a proportional control market that has grown stagnant. Built with the highest quality Clippard EVP and DVP proportional valves at its heart, the Cordis is designed to outperform the competition in every way. With unparalleled performance and flexibility not possible with current analog proportional controllers, the Cordis makes everything from calibration to sensor variety acceptance to future development opportunities more accessible and less complicated. The future of proportional pressure control has arrived, and it’s digital.

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Proportional Valves

Utilizing the industry’s most robust and powerful miniature linear actuator, the patented stepper-controlled Eclipse proportional isolation valve leads the industry in performance and durability. This valve is ideal in critical applications for liquid and gas delivery, medical, analytical and industrial automation requiring ultra fine resolution and excellent repeatability. In addition, the unique design allows for custom flow profiles.

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Isolation Valves

Media isolation valves are commonly used for a wide variety of applications, including those that require precise, repeatable dispensing of media for medical and analytical instrumentation. Each series of valves feature low power consumption, compact design, and high cycle life. Choose from a large variety of standard sizes, configurations, materials, and options or contact us to discuss special customizations.

* Pinch Valves

Clippard NPV Series Pinch Valves
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Clippard NIV Series PTFE Isolation Valves
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Clippard NIV Gradient Valves
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Miniature Pumps

Miniature diaphragm pumps generate either a vacuum or an overpressure to control the movement of gases or liquids to critical applications.  From sample preparation, medical device OEMs, cell culture, or environmental monitoring, VFV has a pump suitable for your application.

Parker Precision Fluidics – Pumps Catalog
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Xavitech Product range_2022
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Pressure Regulators

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