Cleanroom Accessories

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Cleanroom Accessories

Sticky Mats

Cleanroom sticky mats, also known as tacky mats or sticky mats, play a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness and preventing contamination in controlled environments.

Cleanroom sticky mats consist of multiple layers of adhesive-coated film. When someone walks across the mat, the non-transferring adhesive captures dirt and debris from their shoes. Once a layer is fully used, it can be peeled off to reveal a fresh, clean layer underneath. These mats are particularly effective for reducing dust particles in clean rooms, manufacturing facilities, laboratories, and more.

Data Sheet MMRC XY Sticky Mat Blue 24 inch by 36 inch Blue
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Data Sheet MMRC Pure11 Adhesive mat L30-8 CELOS
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Cleanroom Chairs

In sterile rooms, hygiene is an absolute must in order to ensure optimum working conditions. Cleanroom furniture is thus expected to meet very specific criteria. Cleanroom chairs from Bimos are developed in close cooperation with representatives from industry and research. All cleanroom chairs comprise sealed upholstery with back-foaming technology, enclosed mechanisms, as well as smooth, closed surfaces. All the materials used in making the cleanroom chairs are electrostatically conductive, making them the perfect choice for your cleanroom furnishings.

Cleanroom Chairs
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Labsit Brochure english
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Labster brochure_English
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Inspection Benches

From creative to scientific; the BeamBox is used in all areas of industry and design. With an elegant, modern and practical design, this backlit lightbox is available in almost any size and allows you to work on a super bright, seamlessly illuminate work surface.

Where product quality and process is critical, we can develop the required testing equipment and then build, install and validate it. Our light tables and specialist light boxes make any stringent QC procedure straight forward. So if you need reliable lighting with adjustable brightness to inspect and assess a product, material or tool we can definitely help.

Cleanroom Pens and Markers

MMRC offers a range of sterile pens and markers for use in Cleanroom environments.

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Cleanroom Paper

Latex Free paper that has been injected with a synthetic co-polymer to substantially reduce particle generation. This range of paper has exceptional thickness and strength and is suitable for autoclave sterilization. It can be offered in sterile or non-sterile form, and in blank or pre-printed templates.


From swabs that dissipate static electricity to super-absorbent foam heads, we offer the perfect swab for nearly any industry or application.

  • Polyurethane foam swabs
  • Knit polyester swabs
  • Electrostatic-dissipative
  • Microfiber swabs
  • Cotton swabs
  • Polypropylene handles
  • Wood handles

Cleanroom Packaging

Ultra Clean LDPE packaging material made inside an ISo 6 Cleanroom Environment.  Made in standard or custom sizes.

Available in Pharmacopeia approved raw materials with permanent of migratory antistatic characteristcs.

Cleanroom Scissors

Self Sharpening and easy clean scissors for cleanroom environments.

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