Mops and Mopping Systems

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Mops and Mopping Systems

Hydroflex ERGO

The ERGO System – Innovative cleanroom cleaning.   Non-contact processes – no touching – no bending – no force cost

The touching of used mop covers and contaminated cleaning equipment such as mop frames carry a high risk for the distribution of contamination in cleanrooms. PurMop ® Ergo allows a completely touchless operation of the cleaning trolley in only 3 steps, as mentioned below:

Hydroflex Black Range

PurMop BLACK® is a unique cleanroom mopping system, offering maximum performance and unparalleled user experience. Its telescopic handle and frame are made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), making it ultra light. The Black system is extremely light, arguably making it the most ergonomic cleanroom mop available on the market. Length adjustment can be performed using one hand only, at the push of a button either at the top or middle of the handle. A newly developed frame centring function facilitates safe overhead cleaning by preventing the frame from folding unwantedly. A further intelligent feature is the mop discarding mechanism, allowing the frame to be opened and the mop to be dropped at the simple push of a button – anywhere and without the need for a trolley.

The Black range is available in two color options, correlating to the color coding of the new PurMop BLACK® mops – orange for sterile models and green for non-sterile models.

The specially developed CFRP material is extremely durable and has been extensively tested for cleanroom compatibility. It guarantees excellent chemical resistance, is fully autoclavable and is suitable for almost all tasks in all cleanroom classes.

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Mop Heads

MMRC and proud to supply the Hydroflex range of mops and mopping systems to Australia and New Zealand.

PurMop – Hydroflex Controlling critical cleanroom contamination – one clean mop at a time. PurMop® disposable mops perfectly meet the high requirements for safety and consistent quality in cleanroom cleaning.

PurMop Black – There is a clear mission behind PurMop BLACK®: make cleanroom cleaning more ergonomic and at the same time increase performance. The way to get there is through a unique high-tech material and a clever, newly developed mop frame and mop design. The result: a revolutionary carbon mop system that redefines user-friendliness and performance in the cleanroom.

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Isolator Cleaning

PurMop® ICT is a special compact cleaning tool for isolators, workbenches and hard to access areas in GMP and sterile cleanrooms. The special design of the short handle and manoeuverable mop frame makes it very user-friendly. The special disposable mop pads are made of multi-layer polyester material and ensure low particle emission for cleaning and disinfection of critical surfaces.

The set consists of three parts:

1. Stainless steel or aluminium handle NEW!
2. Stainless steel mop frame
3. Disposable Mop series PurMop® EC20-S

The EC20-S is a sterile, high-purity disposable mop pad made of polyester and is suitable for effective disinfection of critical surfaces such as glass and stainless steel. It is optionally available in a presaturated version with Isopropanol 65 % / Ethanol 5 % / Pharma water 30 %.

Use biocidal products safely. Always read the label and product information before use!

Ergonomic, lightweight manoeuvrable tool made of stainless steel or aluminium (new!)
Permanently autoclavable, abrasion resistant and GMP compliant
Guarantees maximum user safety for the disinfecktion of health-hazardous areas such as safety workbenches
For improved ergonomics and easy accessibility of hard-to-reach areas
High-quality Single-Use mop with good absorbency

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