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Redditch InSpec

MMRC holds a comprehensive range of Redditch disinfectants and sporicides specifically manufactured for use in GMP cleanroom environments. Most are stocked in Australia for immediate delivery offer the user options which align with end user requirements.

Items which need to be considered when selecting your disinfectants:
* What are you trying to control? (Bacterial, Fungal, Sporicidal, Virucidal)
* Mode of Action – How does the product work to control the contaminant cells?
* Efficacy – How effective is the product and how will it impact your SOP’s?
* Rotation – Used to ensure all potential contamination is controlled, corrosion, Residue, Cost, H&S issues.
* Concentrate or Ready to Use – Do you have access to suitable water for diluting the product at the place of use?
* Environment and Facilities – Will the product impact the existing materials in the facility (oxidation, residue etc)?
* Shelf Life of Product – How long can it be stored whilst maintaining efficacy?
* Operator Health and Safety? (weight, product SDS etc)
* Availability of qualification documents to support the end user validation process?
* Reliable Supply – Will this product be available in sufficient volume when it is required?

Data Sheet MMRC Redditch InSpec DE
Download pdf 858.94 KB
Data Sheet MMRC Redditch InSpec HA
Download pdf 867.69 KB
Data Sheet MMRC Redditch InSpec IPA
Download pdf 859.31 KB
Data Sheet MMRC Redditch InSpec N10
Download pdf 855.13 KB
Data Sheet MMRC Redditch InSpec OX
Download pdf 861.15 KB
Data Sheet MMRC Redditch InSpec QT+
Download pdf 861.76 KB
Data Sheet MMRC Redditch InSpec AN
Download pdf 996.32 KB

Diversey ClearKlens

As a global leader in cleaning and hygiene solutions, Diversey offer our customers in the Life Sciences sector an unmatched portfolio of sanitation and disinfection solutions. Whether it’s personal hygiene, sanitation programs for high care areas, floor cleaning machines or protocols for cleaning equipment or surfaces, we have a solution. With an intimate understanding of disinfection technology and chemistry, we offer tailor-made programs that provide the most complete and cost-efficient disinfection regimes. For added peace of mind, our specialists are available for support throughout the process to help you select the right disinfection program and its validation.

ClearKlens offers a broad chemistry choice, recommending the most suitable disinfection regime with a range that includes:

* Fast-acting sporicides based on per-acetic acid or a patented chlorine dioxide technology
* Broad-spectrum disinfectants based on 5th generation QAC, amphoterics or QAC formulations with amine or biguanides
* Patented AHP (Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide) technology
* General-purpose disinfectants

Bi-Spore SC Data Sheet
Download pdf 586.93 KB
ClearKlens Cleansinald Sterile Concentrate
Download pdf 850.17 KB

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