Cleanroom Wipes

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Cleanroom Wipes

Polyester Cellulose (PC) Wipes

Polyester cellulose wipes are a type of cleanroom wipe that are made from a blend of polyester and cellulose fibers. They are hydro-entangled, which means they are chemically pure and do not contain binders, starches, or thermal bonding 12. These wipes are commonly used in cleanrooms, laboratories, pharmaceutical and electronic facilities, and healthcare applications. They are highly absorbent, tear-resistant, and non-abrasive, making them ideal for cleaning delicate and sensitive surfaces and removing contamination from critical environments. PC is the most economical material which we recommend for use in cleanrooms.

MMRC stocks a selection of PC wipes in sterile and non-sterile format in both 9″ and 12″ sizes. All wipes are doubled or triple bagged and are available in various quantities to align with your facilities requirements.

All products are supplied with Certification.

Microfibre Wipes

Cleanroom microfibre wipes are a type of cleaning cloth that is commonly used in critical environments such as medical labs, pharmaceutical manufacturing cleanrooms, and electronics manufacturing and assembly cleanrooms . These wipes are made of microfibre material that is less than 0.13 deniers thick, which is roughly 150 times finer than a single strand of human hair.  They are designed to meet strict cleanliness standards and maintain ultra-low particle generation and chemical compatibility.

Knitted Wipes

Cleanroom knitted wipes, also known as woven wipes, are specialized cloths designed for use in controlled environments such as cleanrooms. These wipes are meticulously crafted to meet strict cleanliness standards, ensuring ultra-low particle generation and compatibility with sensitive surfaces.

Material and Construction:
Knitted wipes consist of synthetic fibers that are pre-washed and emit only low levels of particles.
They are made using a knitting process, resulting in a fabric with a soft and clean texture.
The knitted structure provides high absorbency while maintaining extremely low linting properties.

Critical Environments: Cleanroom knitted wipes are essential for maintaining cleanliness and minimizing contamination in critical areas.
Sensitive Surfaces: They are ideal for wiping down delicate or scratch-sensitive surfaces, including glass, lenses, precision instruments, and electronic components.
Automotive Manufacturing: Used for handling sensitive parts during assembly.
Medicinal Cannabis Industry: Employed for absorbing vegetable oil and drying pellets.

Pre-Saturated Wipes

The majority of wipes offered by MMRC are also available in Pre-Saturated Form where common disinfectants or cleaning agents are pre soaked onto the material. Studies show that presaturated wipes significantly enhance the cleaning process, and provide a more consistent application of disinfectant to the cleaning surface than traditional spray / dry wipe combination.

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