Mixing Solutions

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Mixing Solutions


The first bottle mixing system for commercial biomanufacturing. Mixed4Sure™ reduces the set-up time and the risks of undesirable effects in mixing whilst enhancing repeatability. You can find Mixed4Sure™ vessels ranging from 500ml to 20L.

This SaniSure® solution allows you to lower the financial investments and increase the flexibility in mixing processes.

VFV Datasheet – Mixed4Sure Bottom Mount (M4SB) PRO
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VFV Datasheet – Mixed4Sure Bottom Mount (M4SB)
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Gamma Stable Stir Bars

The SaniSure® Gamma Stable Stir Bars are the ideal product for simple agitation of biopharmaceutical process solutions.

Available standalone or integrated into a variety of container formats, they provide a simple mixing solution and process flexibility. SaniSure® Gamma Stable Stir Bars are available in various sizes to suit the desired container volume. They are Animal Derived Components Free, meet USP Class VI, and are lot traceable.

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