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VFV Launches Graduate Program

By Admin - May 8th 2024

VFV welcomes Mattias King as the inaugural participant int he VFV Graduate Program.


VFV is excited to announce the launch of our Graduate Program to encourage young professionals to join our growing organisation.  The concept was developed over several years as a way to position VFV as a location where recently graduated students could join a growing organisation and gain exposure to critical disciplines that power the Life Science Industry in ANZ.   The company is in a fortunate position or working with the majority of Australia’s Biopharmaceutical companies, and as such in working with us the candidate with have interaction with a wide variety of applications, industry leaders, and innovative product technologies.

The program offers the following benefits:

  • Structured Learning: Graduates receive structured training from experienced industry professionals across 3 critical job functions within the industry.  Production and Production, Quality, Sales & Marketing, Finance and Warehousing.
  • Mentorship: Access to senior professionals and mentors provides invaluable guidance and insight into career progression.
  • Networking: Opportunities to connect with a wide range of industry professionals and organizations working at the cutting edge of Life Science and Biopharmaceutical Development.
  • Diverse Experience: Being part of a growing organisation, the applicant will certainly be exposed to various projects and have the opportunity to explore projects of interest.  We want to develop entrepreneurs.
  • Job Security:   The program is a 3 year rotational program where the applicant can find which areas of the business most interest them before deciding on their next steps either within VFV or the wider industry.

We are pleased to welcome the successful applicant for the 2023/24 year Graduate Program:


Mattias graduated from Monash University with a Ba. of Pharmaceutical Sciences in June 2022.  After working at PCI Pharmaceutical Services for during university and after graduation, he sought to broaden his professional horizons in other areas within Melbourne’s vast and rapidly growing Pharmaceutical Industry.  Luckily for VFV, he was looking for a position which would provide exposure to a range of experiences not just in the technical aspect of drug development, but across the entire value chain.  Please take some time to get to know Mattias below!

Why did you choose to join a small company like VFV after graduation?

I have always valued the variety of work and responsibility that comes with operating in a smaller team, and have found this to be invaluable in my professional development so far. Knowing everyone at the company personally and the ‘doors always open’ management style of VFV provides me with ample opportunities to exchange knowledge and guidance with all members of the team – in the meeting room or the tea room.

What have you been doing since you joined VFV?

My work at VFV has so far been within the Production Department, working both inside and outside the cleanroom to design, assemble and refine the sterile fluid transfer assemblies that the company is known for. The graduate program will soon take me to the Sales department, where I am very excited to speak directly to the end users of our products and explore new ways VFV products can be used in industry.

What have you enjoyed the most in your time?

I’ve loved interesting and often very humorous discussion I’ve had with my manager Nick while working in the cleanroom. It is a pleasure to have excellent company during production jobs, and I have learned a lot about cleanroom manufacturing and operation while working with him.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Hopefully still at VFV! By then I will have completed the graduate program after a year in each of the Production, Sales and Quality departments. I should have a good grasp of most aspects of the business, and would like to be utilising this knowledge to assist in the further advancement and expansion of the company.

What type of person would you encourage to apply for the VFV Graduate program?

Anybody who values a sociable and collaborative workplace, and has an interest in the technologies that make sterile manufacturing of drugs and biologics possible.

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