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Europe's largest supplier of industrial and cleanroom workplace chairs.



Performance in its purest form – to ensure that rooms are sterile, indispensable conditions have to be met. In the fields of microelectronics to pharmaceuticals to medical technology and the public health sector, the contamination of products and processes in the cleanroom must be avoided at all costs. Cleanroom furniture is therefore expected to meet the strictest of requirements. For this purpose, Bimos has developed its cleanroom chairs in close cooperation with those working in these fields. The cooperation with experts from industry and research has resulted in solutions designed to withstand even the most extreme conditions.


The perfect realisation of cleverly devised concepts has resulted in top-class cleanroom chairs with minimum particle emissions. Bimos uses materials compatible for cleanroom use for all its seating solutions in this sensitive area. All upholstery is sealed and firmly attached to the frame using back-foaming technology. The cleanroom chairs have smooth, closed surfaces at the seat and backrest shell. This prevents any particle deposits collecting on the chair in working environments where the air is constantly swirled by filter systems. A closed construction seals off all moving parts of the chair mechanics and this prevents an outward release of particles.


All cleanroom chairs from Bimos comply with EN 61340-5-1 and are electrostatically conductive. They provide reliable protection against electrostatic charge, something that must not happen in a cleanroom. Whether a comfort version, proven all-round cleanroom chair or reliable stool, when it comes to pure seating pleasure, there is really no alternative to the cleanroom furniture from Bimos. With their superb features, these special solutions meet air cleanliness class 3 according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1, cleanroom class 1 according to the US Federal Standard 209E, as well as the extensive regulations of the EU GMP Guidelines.

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