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We make your cleanroom cleaning simple and effective

Hydroflex is a leading provider and manufacturer of cleanroom cleaning systems. Established as a family-owned company, we have been working in the professional cleaning sector for four decades and in three generations. Hydroflex Cleanroom Hygiene was established in 2009, to focus on the complex requirements of the cleanroom market. With our specialized product solutions for manual cleaning and disinfection within the cleanroom, we regularly set industry benchmarks and allow cleanroom operators to ensure an optimal production hygiene worldwide. Under the renowned product brands PurMop® and PurWipe®, we develop and sell certified mopping systems and wipes, which stand for highest efficiency, ergonomics and cleanroom suitability.

Our customers, leading manufacturers from the industry sectors pharmaceutical, medical devices, microelectronics, automotive and more, benefit from our strong service orientation as well as from our ISO 9001 certified quality management system and our thought-out product solutions engineered in Germany. Hydroflex Group has a worldwide distribution network as well as international production sites with cleanroom manufacturing to the highest quality standards. Our team of experts boast many years of industry experience and offer competent consultation and trainings on correct cleanroom cleaning procedures, which is only part of the added value of working with us. We look forward to solving your specific cleaning challenge!

Cleanroom operators in more than 70 countries worldwide clean their surfaces with Hydroflex products every day – for a good reason

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