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Shield Scientific

Single use gloves specialist. Compliance, comfort and protection

It is in the name... The name of our company, SHIELD Scientific, reflects the particular focus we have on hand protection (SHIELD) and the laboratory & cleanroom sectors (Scientific).

Laboratory, cleanroom, healthcare, and general workplace nitrile gloves and latex gloves.  Manage your hand protection and your contamination control by selecting the right gloves adapted to your needs.

SHIELD Scientific has dedicated an entire range, SHIELDSkin XTREME™, to nitrile gloves and Latex gloves for the cleanroom activities.

As contamination control is a key factor, SHIELD Scientific has developed its range of cleanroom gloves according to the level of control sought:

  • DI: single washing of gloves in deionised water for basic contamination control.
  • DI+ : triple washing of gloves in deionised water for high contamination control.
  • DI++ : Multiple glove washes in deionised water for extreme contamination control.
  • Sterile: Gamma irradiation to ensure the absence of microorganisms and a low level of endotoxins.
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